Oakwood Homes Oakwood Homebuyers Club

The dream of owning a home — now your reality.

The free and easy Oakwood Homebuyers Club is designed to help everyone bring the dream of homeownership to fruition.

Whether you’ve faced financial obstacles in the past or are just a little overwhelmed by the whole homebuying process, Oakwood counselors are here to provide the personalized, confidential resources you need to get into a new home.

You may be able to afford more home than you thought or move to a new home sooner than you expected. The no-obligation Oakwood Homebuyers Club is designed to answer all of your homebuying questions. Here are just some of the club’s free services:

  • Complimentary credit report
  • Personalized mortgage analysis
  • One-on-one financial counseling
  • Floorplan review & homesite tours
  • New Home Center design guidance
  • Price lock options

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