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Take steps toward your dream.

We didn’t think we could afford a home at the time, and the HBC counselor helped us every step of the way. We now own our own home and couldn’t be happier.

Joan and Bob Schmitt

The Oakwood Homebuyers Club is a simple, supportive way to bring people who dream of owning a home one step closer to making that a reality. We have personal counselors who will walk you through the financial ins and outs of home mortgages and create a customized plan to help you work toward homeownership. The best part? It’s a free service—just one of the ways Oakwood Homes remains committed to the long-term value of the communities it builds.

Here’s how the Oakwood Homebuyers Club works:

Step 1

Call the Oakwood Homebuyers Club at 303.486.8655 or 719.380.5065 for a complimentary credit report or pre-qualify right now online.

Step 2

Schedule a convenient time to meet with one of our homebuying counselors for a mortgage analysis and introduction to Oakwood Homes.

Step 3

Work with your counselor to find the community, floorplan and homesite that are just right for you and your family. If now is not the time to purchase that new home or your credit is not where it needs to be, your counselor will provide you with options such as price locks as you take steps toward homeownership.

Step 4

Complete a Purchase Agreement for your new home or ask your counselor about our special price-lock options as you continue to boost credit and work toward homeownership.

Step 5

Now the fun really begins! Schedule your appointment at the Oakwood New Home Center to begin choosing your kitchen cabinets, carpet, tile, vanity tops, etc.

Step 6

Construction begins. You are welcome to participate in a variety of construction meetings along the way. See your home built from the ground up—just the way you want it!

Step 7

Take the keys to your new Oakwood home. Congratulations on your big day!

Ready to see how the Oakwood Homebuyers Club can help you make homeownership a reality? Join, pre-qualify right online or contact us for more information.